Together for Animals in China

TAC is made up of passionate individuals from across the globe working together at a grassroots level to bring about positive changes in the laws and society of China to ensure the ethical, humane treatment of all animals.  We believe that with determined hearts and unified voices, we will not only help China’s animal residents to live a higher quality of life but also its human ones too.



Is to bring people together to provide an effective means to support animal rescue efforts, help abused and neglected animals, end the dog and cat meat trade, and develop the animal rights movement in China. We work as a bridge between Chinese activists and the rest of the world to share news, knowledge, and resources with the goal of bettering the quality of life and treatment for animals in China.


Is to fundamentally change how animals are valued and treated in China. By our example and work, we hope to build a nation where al life is respected and cherished.


Initiate Change from the Root:

All our founders are Chinese nationals, who were born and grew up in mainland China. With years of experience in the animal rescue, welfare and animal rights fields, we have an in-depth understanding of the relationship between people in China and the animals. Therefore, we start our campaigning work at the grassroots and hope to embed our message deep within the general public where most of the problems lie.


We bring knowledge and information about the welfare of animals and people to the general public, embedding valuable and informative educational materials in local community development. We help people improve the quality and standard of their lives through our tailor-made educational programmes while promoting cruelty-free living, to improve the relationship between people and animals.

Concerted Efforts:

We develop programmes and projects to connect the existing native Chinese groups to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange and to combine resources. There are many existing local animal welfare groups and individuals across China; by creating more opportunities for connections, we will help these groups and individuals to grow and improve.

Investigation & Enforcement:

By working with various local groups and individuals, our investigations focus on the illegal dog and cat meat trade. We equip, train and support our experienced front-line investigators to visit, integrate and collect evidence of the dog and cat meat trade, assisting local authorities and police in tackling the society-damaging crimes involved in the trade. We also use the existing laws, policies and regulations to enforce the punishment of such crimes, urging and supervising the authorities and government to fulfil their responsibilities for maintaining social order in public interest.


TAC is mostly managed and run by a team of dedicated volunteers who don’t receive any form of payment in return for their services – with the exception of maybe some good karma 🙂

Most of our staff and volunteers have full-time jobs outside of our volunteering work.

We rely solely on donations, and 100% of the donations we receive go into our programs, operations and our rescue shelter.

Thanks to the trust and continuous support of our donors and supporters from all over the world, as well as all the hard work of every staff member, we have been able to launch and grow more projects and campaigns to help many animals in China.

While everyone in the organization is dedicated and passionate about volunteering their time, energy, and talents to this cause we all believe in, the amount of work we are able to do is limited by the little time we have available outside of our full-time professional careers and family responsibilities.

For these reasons, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience when it comes to the response time to your inquiries.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee assistance or any form of involvement for rescues or adoptions that are not initiated and/or led by TAC.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email.