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As a grassroots non-for-profit organization, with no grants or support from the government, we depend solely on donations fro loving and caring supporters from around the world in order to provide for daily operations, the animals in our shelter and the meaningful programs we run.

Your contributions will help feed, house and treat the animals in our shelter and the work we do. Your contributions will also help cover the cost of running the following life saving programs:

  • Spay and neuter program for shelter and stray animals
  • Pet adoptions both domestic and international ( In order to encourage more people to adopt, we do not charge an adoption fee)
  • Rescuing and re-homing meat trade survivors through partnership with international rescue groups
  • Animal welfare program for disabled animals
  • Campaigns and educational events
  • Workshop and training for volunteers and rescuers.

Donations and Refund Policy

Cat and Dog Meat Trade Survivors

We’re seeing more and more dogs and cats rescued from the cat and dog meat trade in China in addition to strays, neglected and abused pets, each rescue requires huge amount of work and fund to provide medical treatment and care for the animals that are often in critical conditions and cruelly handled.

Many of the rescues require immediate medical attention and treatment, followed by intensive care to nurse them back to health, also to provide neuter/spay and further welfare enhancement care.

We are providing help and advice to partner groups and volunteers involved in rescues in and around Beijing, many rescued animals need to be hospitalized in our partner vet clinics who would provide quality medication and treatments on discounted rates.

Abandoned and Neglected Animals

When animals get rescued, they normally are in a unhealthy condition due to time spent on the streets, or they are normally abandoned due to illness or injury.

Many of them require immediate medical attention and treatment, followed by intensive care to nurse them back to health. We’ll always do whatever it takes to save injured, sick and vulnerable animals. Whether that means performing life-saving surgery for animals in desperate need; providing one-on-one behavioral training for mistreated dogs; or giving care and attention as we get animals ready for their forever homes.

Stray Animals

We treat and sterilizes stray and rescued dogs and cats whenever we can. Many of these dogs and cats require life saving, emergency treatment.

By making a donation, you will help make sure these animals receive the care and treatments that they desperately need and deserve.


Your donation is their lifeline.

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Please notice:

Donations made to Together for Animals in China are subject to the organization’s terms and conditions and private policy, if you have any doubt or question please contact us via email.

Donations and Refund Policy