If you are traveling to or from Beijing/Shanghai, China, we ask you to join our very rewarding and successful flight volunteer team. As a TAC flight volunteer, you will help the adopted animals go home to their new family, to start a new life! There is very little you need to do to accomplish the task, and you will be rewarded with the joy of having helped a very special animal to find their way home.




We always try to send animals as accompanied luggage, as it is not only the most economic way for the adopters but also the least stressful way for the animals to travel. In order to do this, the animal(s) must be escorted by a flight passenger, this is why we need you!




What flight destinations will work for you?

We are currently seeking flight volunteers with the following destinations:

  • 美国西雅图 Seattle USA
  • 美国旧金山 San Francisco USA
  • 美国洛杉矶 Los Angeles USA
  • 美国芝加哥 Chicago USA
  • 美国达拉斯 Dallas USA
  • 美国犹他州 Utah USA
  • 加拿大温哥华
  • 德国 Germany
  • 法国 France
  • 阿姆斯特丹 Amsterdam Netherland

This list may change anytime depending on where our future adopted animals need to go. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates or contact us.

Which airline companies will work for your program?

Different airline companies have different pet policy. The following are the airlines we can use:

  • 海南航空 Hai’nan Airlines
  • 大韩航空 Korean Airlines
  • 韩亚航空 Asiana Airlines
  • 加拿大航空 Air Canada
  • 荷兰皇家航空 KLM
  • 汉莎航空 Lufthansa
  • 法国航空 Air France
  • 瑞士航空 Air Swiss
  • 奥地利航空 Austria

The following airline companies will work for small sized dogs and cats:

  • 美联航 United
  • 达美 Delta
  • 美国航空 American Airline

Do I need to make any changes to my itinerary?

No. You will not need to make any changes to your existing itinerary or travel plans.

Is there anything I need to pay to take the animal(s) with me?

No. We will pay all the costs that are associated with shipping the animal(s).

Is there anything I need to do for the animal? Do I need to worry about getting any required travel document for the animals?

No. We will take care all the paperwork required by the custom laws of both countries. We will meet you with the animal(s) at the airport, and stay with you and the animal(s) until the check-in process is complete.

Will I get paid for doing this?

No. People who are participating in this program are volunteers who help escort rescued animal(s) travel to their new home.

How many animals will travel with me?

It mainly depends on two factors: your destination and the airline company you will be flying with. It will usually be 1-2 animals per flight volunteer, however, the process is the same regardless the number of the animals.

I have more questions, Who do I contact?

Please contact us at info@togethertac.org if you have any questions or concerns about this program.