We are excited to announce that “Together for Animals in China” has recently been expanded and extended our rescue and collaboration effort to the hub city of south-eastern China, Shanghai! The organization has also been restructured for the purpose of improving our effectiveness as a team. The changes as outlined below help deliver on our goals of continually bettering the life of Chinese animals, developing social awareness of animal welfare and increasing efficiency across the organization and our volunteer team.


The Shanghai Branch

We have joined forces with Los Santos Rescue and formed the “Together for Animals in China – Shanghai Branch” in Shanghai for the purpose of helping more animals in both regions as we consolidate our resources and man/woman power. The Shanghai branch will be led by Alexandra Ormond, Regional Manager, the founder of Los Santos.


Organizational changes

We are a volunteer based organization, and our operations are solely funded by public donations. We would have not been able to achieve so much and make such a difference in so many animals’ lives without our amazing volunteers, all of our supporters and donors working together as a team. In order to uphold and honor this integrity, we have decided to make the following marketing changes which we believe better reflect our team values and beliefs:

  • Change of acronym. The acronym of the organization has changed from TACN to TAC. The current TACN, a UK charity, is not associated with “Together for Animals in China”.
  • Official online platform changes
    • Change of website. The new official website of “Together for Animals in China” is All email contacts now end with . All general and/or international affair inquiries, please contact us at
    • Change of Instagram account. The new official IG account is @togetherTAC_org
    • Change of Twitter account. The new official Twitter account is @togetherTAC

The above new accounts are the only official online social platforms of “Together for Animals in China”. Please be sure to follow them in order to receive all future updates on our work and animals.

  • Former co-founder and UK manager, Grace Han, has left the organization to pursue other interests

We have recently received report that an unauthorized person/group has been fundraising in the name of our rescue projects. Please be aware that, “Together for Animals in China” has not authorized any individual outside of the organization or other organizations to fundraise or receive donations on behalf of “Together for Animals in China”.  Donations intended for our programs, shelter, animals and the organization as a whole, are only accepted through the above listed official online platforms unless otherwise specifically instructed in our official website and social media platforms.  If you have any questions or concerns about making a future donation or your previous donations intended for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


The mission and work of “Together for Animals in China” remains the same.

TAC’s main focus of work include:

  • Animal rescue shelter – TAC animal rescue center is a no-kill, life-quality orientated shelter located in Tongzhou district in Beijing.  TAC also support and help a few other animal shelters in China.
  • Free neuter,spay and Microchip program (SNAP) for stray and shelter animals
  • Shut down dog/cat meat restaurant network
  • International pet adoptions
  • International rescue group partnership
  • Volunteer programs (E-volunteers, Regional volunteers, shelter volunteers, flight volunteers)
  • Animal welfare programs
  • Public education events
  • Training seminars for rescue groups

Thank you again for your continuous support  in China! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know anytime.