TAC Animal Rescue Center – Beijing

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9,472.24 sq/f

Individual Dog Compartments


Full Time Shelter Staff


Quarantine Unit for Dogs


Senior/Disabled Animals


The TAC Rescue Center is a grassroots, no-kill animal rescue center located in the Tongzhou district in Beijing, it was originally founded in 2009 by TAC Managing Director (China) and Shelter Manager, Ms. Yanli Liu, also known as Xiaoli.

TAC Rescue Center in Beijing  is one of the few life-quality oriented rescue centers in China. We are among the minority of animal rescue centers in China that have set an animal resident quantity restriction and shelter standard protocols to ensure quality lives for all of its animal residents. We currently are housing 57 dogs and 8 cats.

Our goal is not only to become a shelter that provides the best possible care for all of its residents, but also to help other shelters across China to also achieve the same goals.

Since its establishment, the rescue center has been working alongside local animal rights and protection groups and activists in rescuing and housing animals in need.

The shelter’s other main activities include:

  • Providing education and training to other rescue shelters and individuals with proven effective animal rescue knowledge and practical guidance.
  • Working with local authorities and schools to raise awareness for animal welfare and care for rescued animals.
  • Pet adoptions and sponsorship
  • Hosting events and creating opportunities for the general public to visit and volunteer at the rescue center in order to learn about animal rights and welfare through well constructed programs and projects, a scheme that’s supported by local authorities.

TAC Rescue Center (Beijing) is run only by the very devoted and dedicated shelter manager Xiaoli, one full time animal care taker, and a few part-time volunteers. With no grants or support from the government, we depend solely on donations from loving and caring supporters to provide for daily operations and future development of the shelter.

Your help is much needed for the shelter to continue its great work in helping the Chinese animals.