Betty (Now Bessie)

Partner rescue and re-home organization: Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon (GBR)

Betty is a dog meat trade survivor from China. She was adopted on May 13, 2016. Hear about her new life in America from her adoptive family.

Hi!  I am Betty and I am new to America.  I was rescued recently from China.  My rescuers named me Betty, a very American name but my foster mom calls me Betty Boop sometimes.  I am 3 years old and very spunky and playful.   I like to chase my tennis ball, play with my toys and forage for edibles in the yard.  I like taste-testing the more colorful flowers but I was told they are to look at – not to eat.   The family dog has to wear a funny looking plastic cone all the time and now so do I since I was spayed, but only for one more week.  I am taking pills for my itchy skin but it is getting better each day.

Pretty soon, after the cone comes off, I will be able to run and jump after my tennis ball at the school yard and roll around in the grass.  I would like to go to a home that has another dog(s) that like to run and play also.  My family thinks I am smart and goofy and I am learning new commands and willing to learn more as long as there are treats involved.  My vet said I need to add a few pounds but not too much.   I don’t like being left alone for too long but I do not bark or carry on like the neighbor’s dog does.   I do not engage in fence fighting – it’s bad manners I’m told. I am learning it is bad manners to counter surf.

I have finally adjusted my “inner clock” to West Coast time.   For awhile I was waking up way too early (3-5 am) but I’ve learned to sleep in until six or so when I can have my breakfast.  Then I can do a daily walk around the neighborhood and in the afternoon go to the schoolyard or a park.  I like meeting other people and dogs and I would like to learn how to jog. I certainly have the energy for it! I haven’t seen any cats in my neighborhood so I don’t know how I would react to one.

I like having my own bed and dog dish.  I don’t like vacuum cleaners – way too noisy – I will leave the room when it gets too close.   I like sitting next to my foster mom in the evening and I will put my paw on her leg sometimes for more attention if I think she’s paying more attention to the tv than me.   I like sleeping indoors next to my family on my own bed.   I am potty trained but do not like going outside when it’s dark so I am learning to do my business before sundown.

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
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