SNAP Program

Free Spay/Neuter and Microchip for shelter and stray pets

A strategically planned animal welfare program launched in July 2014 in Beijing, China.

Number of dogs helped:


The project is on-going, and the figure is updated on a monthly basis.

What’s included in the “SNAP” service?

  • Neuter/spay & microchipping, including database registration
  • Hospitalization upto 3 days after surgery
  • A pack of quality dog food

Donate to support this program


By donating to us, you can help us sustain this project and help many rescuers and grassroots shelters neuter/spay and microchip the animals saved from the streets and the dog meat trade.

The SNAP program aims to provide welfare aid to stray dogs in Beijing through trap/rescue, neuter/spay and microchipping. The long-term goal is to grow this program into a network that covers other areas of China where the said project can be led and implemented by local partner rescue group(s).
Spaying or neutering can be the single best thing we can do for stray and shelter animals’ long term welfare.  It is the more humane, healthy and effective method to reduce the number of homeless pets.
These routine medical procedures not only reduce the number of animals who enter shelters, but they may also prevent potential medical and behavioral problems from developing in a cat or dog.

While the benefits of spay and neuter are commonly acknowledged in the western world, there is a particular and unique benefit to pets in China.

Through the SNAP program, we can efficiently and effectively manage the population of stray dogs on the streets and those in grassroots shelters, and in time, bring the stray population under control. More importantly, prevent animal cruelty and reduce the number of animals being stolen, snatched or poisoned for the illegal cat and dog meat trade, resolve the problem and conflict in the Chinese society regarding stray animals, fundamentally.